Storage for a Comfortable Life

"POOL" uses leftover fabric during the production process, redyes and transforms them into the "IROIRO NO FUKU" apparel series, featuring loose-fitting, one-size garments that retain the softness of natural materials.

Different seasonal colours are available this season for bringing variations to your daily look.

Made of linen fabric with flattering silhouette and pleated design, the one-piece dress can be worn on its own for an elegant look. You can also wear it over a Wraparound Skirt for a layering effect. While the notable red tone lightens up your mood, choose monotone items for shoes and socks for a balanced total look.

A combination of basic wear items and plain colours sets the standard of everyday layering look. On top of dark-toned One Piece and Wraparound Skirt, add silver accessories, white pants or tote bag in seasonal colour to balance the coordination.

This relaunched Atelier Coat is inspired by the workwear of artists. Renewed using cotton materials, this coat refreshes your daily look with the seasonal colour royal blue. Wear earthy colours inside for a balanced total look.

A versatile coat which is unisex, easy to mix and match with other items is an everyday essential for going out or working from home. Coordinate with a tote bag in contrasting colour for an energetic impression - this newly launched 2-way Tote Bag can be used as a shoulder bag or shopper tote bag to carry laptop and documents with its large capacity.